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India and other countries in the world are celebrating 2023 as the year of millets. Long before the United Nations at its 75th General Assembly session in 2021 had announced the plans for the global celebrations, Surendra Gandharva had realised the importance of the highly-nutritious small-seeded grasses, grown as cereal grains.

In 2011, Surendra, along with his friend Manoj Prajapati, set up a restaurant in Udaipur, naming it Millets of Mewar.

Located in the south-central region of Rajasthan known as Mewar, the eatery is wholly meant for millet-based dishes. Considered an excellent source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, the millet meals are extremely popular in the region, and equally popular is the restaurant.

For Surendra and Manoj, there is a higher purpose though for running the restaurant. 

“I was always conscious about what I eat. But I soon realised that millets had gone out of fashion. We needed to do something to bring them back on people’s plates,” Surendra said. 

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